The Staff of Christ Community

Jeff Payne, Lead Pastor

Jeff loves to teach and communicate God’s word in ways that help people connect with, and live out Scripture. His combined pastoral/teaching/evangelistic and consulting ministry spans 37 years, where he has served at and led some of the largest ministries in America. Jeff’s heart is for God’s people to operate in their spiritual gifts, anointed/empowered by the Spirit for ministry both to the body and a world seeking answers which are only found in Christ. Jeff has been married to Kathleen for 36 years and they have three grown children – all married and living in various parts of the “lone star state.” Email Jeff at

Eric Stephens, Sr. Associate Pastor/Worship

Eric wears many hats here at CCC, and is the strong right arm of Jeff Payne. Eric has earned the love, trust and respect of the Elders, people and staff of our church in a way that validates his leadership and enlivens our body. He comes to us from both a business and ministry background, with gifts that make him uniquely suited to help us seize opportunities for growth, health and expansion. He is a friend and mentor to many on our leadership team and to a generation of future leaders.

Minister Brenda Hasley, Director of Youth and Children's Ministries

"Miss Brenda" comes to us with a wealth of youth and children's ministry experience and tremendous heart, gifts, talents and abilities which she uses for the kingdom. She can sing, lead worship, teach and preach and is passionate about walking with Christ, knowing His Word and making Him known. "Miss Brenda" has her hand and heart on the pulse of youth and children's ministry and on what needs to happen so that children throughout our region can experience the love of God as they learn about Jesus.

Cindy Moore, Administration/Bookkeeping

Cindy is the person you will usually talk too first when calling the church offices. She is not just our bookkeeper, she is also a CCC member. She is married to Burt, and has grown daughters and step-children and a teenage daughter, Jewel.


Cindy loves contemporary Christian music. If you come by to visit with any of the pastoral staff you will usually hear music playing softly from her office.


Diana Burnett, Building and Grounds

Miss Diana is responsible for keeping all of our property clean and presentable. She has been serving us in that capacity for over 10 years. and does an outstanding job.

Our Elders


Burt Moore, Clyde Derouen, Keith Wilson, Jeff Payne, and Ralph McBride


To contact any of these gentlemen please call the church offices: 409-832-9498.


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