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We are happy to provide this free resource and pray that the pod casts of messages preached at Christ Community will bless the body of Christ at large and bless and enrich those who are unable to attend in person. We are sorry, but due to copyright restrictions we cannot make the worship (music) portion of our services available for on-line consumption.


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Bible Veracity


Listen to our MP3 of Jeff's message: Science Vs. God, by clicking on the message title.



Jeff preaches on practical apologetics every March. The following links have been very useful to him over the years. You may find them beneficial to your own preparations to learn to defend your convictions and give people solid evidence for why Christianity is true.


Ravi Zacharias International ministries -


The Apologetics Ministry of Dr. William Lane Craig -


Stand to Reason -


Dr. Frank Turek's site -


Daily apologetics resources -


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