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You may honestly have never been anywhere quite like this:


Charisma without charismania


Relaxed – Casual – Come as you are


Engaging – Contemporary Music


Practical – Relevant Messages


Acceptance – Support – Love


Excellence of execution (you won’t regret bringing a friend with you)


Great Pre-K through Youth Ministries.

Weekly Schedule


The Calendar


9:30 - Small Groups for all ages

10:30 Worship



W.O.W. - Wonderful Outreach Wednesdays


Currently we have adult prayer and Bible study at 5:45, followed by outreach at 6:30 PM.

Without boring you with the questions, here are the answers:


Evangelical Free Church of America


Leadership through a plurality of ordained and elected Elders, as well as a separate (elected) church board to review and approve all financial affairs.


Contemporary - Relevant -  Fun - Accepting - Caring



Our philosophy is simple: Church should be simple. We meet to worship, encourage, learn and grow - and anything additional to that is weighed thoughtfully and carefully. We want everything here to be worthy of you and blessed by Him.

Ministries | Restoring lives - person by person

Christ Kids




9:30  -  Children’s Care Groups meet downstairs in the Children’s area. Preschool meets downstairs in PraiseLand.


10:30 – Integrated Ministry - Kids participate in both focused and church-wide worship throughout the corporate worship service.




Women's Ministry


Heart to Heart, the Women’s Ministry of Christ Community Church meets on Sunday mornings, from9:30 until 10:20 and child and infant care are provided. Women of all ages are inspired, equipped, edified and blessed.


The Heart to Heart Women’s Ministry also hosts several events throughout the year. Our women encourage one another and pray for each other as they follow Christ together in every stage of life.

Men's Ministry


The men of CCC meet each Sunday morning, from 9:30 until 10:20 AM, for an incredible Bible Study and a great time of fellowship. Currently we are studying the New Testament book, The Acts of the Apostles. We are meeting downstairs in the glassed side entry way.


We are also involved in various ministry and fellowship activities throughout the year.


IMPACT Student Ministries


We “get together to go separately.” IMPACT is a gathering of young people in the 6th through 12 grades, along with some of their parents. We meet together as our own Sunday Morning Bible Study group (Sundays 9:30 AM), Wednesday nights, we meet at the church building between 5:50 and 6:00, and leave from there for various ministries and activities.  We return between 7:30 and 8:00.  We love to play games, relax, get to know one another, study the Bible, pray, and draw strength from each other to continue faithfully living for Christ.


Recovery Ministry


For those suffering through addictions we have several meaningful ministry options. Christ Community also offers several 6 week (one meeting a week) semesters of "Divorce Recovery." Our open meeting for general recovery is Friday nights at 7 PM. Our next semester of Divorce Recovery begins this October. We also have "closed" recovery meetings which may be of help if your addiction is of a sensitively private nature. Email for more information.


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