Welcome to Christ Community – Beaumont

This Sunday Morning, July 20th, at 10:30 AM, join us as we continue our new series, “SPF.” Pastor Jeff Payne leads this week’s study.

Jeff Payne comments, “This week we learn to put on several elements of a successful Christian life while considering the story of a great fall by a man the Bible calls ‘a man after God’s own heart.'”

Bring a friend and share a miraculous morning at CCC.

God’s Word is living, active and powerful and we are challenged, in the power of the Spirit, to join  Jesus in His ministry, passion and purpose.

What’s out style? You may honestly have never been anywhere quite like this:

Charisma without charismania

Relaxed – Casual – Come as you are

Engaging – Contemporary Music

Practical – Relevant Messages

Acceptance – Support – Love

Excellence of execution (you won’t regret bringing a friend with you)

Great Pre-K through Youth Ministries


We are much more about “being” His body than we are about putting on a weekly performance, but we still know that huge opportunities are lost if we don’t have rewarding, compelling, well-planned services and age-appropriate classes every weekend – plus we have a conviction that excellence honors God. If you’ve heard enough (or even participated in) “God talk,” and you’re ready to be a part of a church that actually does something tangible to serve Jesus, we invite you to join us. See for yourself what we are so excited about.

To contact us:

Phone: 409-832-9498

E-mail: cccbmt@gmail.com