Welcome to Christ Community – Beaumont

This Sunday Morning, April 20 – RESURRECTION SUNDAY

Easter Sermon Graphic

What’s out style? You may honestly have never been anywhere quite like this:

Charisma without charismania

Relaxed – Casual – Come as you are

Engaging – Contemporary Music

Practical – Relevant Messages

Acceptance – Support – Love

Excellence of execution (you won’t regret bringing a friend with you)

Great Pre-K through Youth Ministries


We are much more about “being” His body than we are about putting on a weekly performance, but we still know that huge opportunities are lost if we don’t have rewarding, compelling, well-planned services and age-appropriate classes every weekend – plus we have a conviction that excellence honors God. If you’ve heard enough (or even participated in) “God talk,” and you’re ready to be a part of a church that actually does something tangible to serve Jesus, we invite you to join us. See for yourself what we are so excited about.

To contact us:

Phone: 409-832-9498

E-mail: cccbmt@gmail.com